Vivian, my youngest, is still getting her feet wet in the pool.  But she has no fear and is completely comfortable in the water.  With all her energy, she'll surely chase after her big sisters.. once she gets her technique down!


Sofie, my middle daughter, was eager to start swimming competitively at an early age. She picked up so much just by watching her older sister swim and because she was so often in the water. Sofie practiced with the summer swim team when she was 4 and was eligible to swim in competitions at age 5. She now swims regularly year-round and is excited to collect more ribbons and trophies!


Athena, my oldest, began competitive swimming at the age of 7.  I provided some technique lessons during her first summer swimming in the Jefferson Swim League (JSL).  I have since given her additional lessons periodically throughout the year, mixed in with her regular team practices.  Athena has excelled in competitive swimming, regularly placing at the top of her age group in swim competitions. 


My Swim Stars